A paranoid inventor goes to any lengths to protect his new time machine. When things go catastrophically wrong, he is forced to use the machine in a desperate bid to put things right. A ridiculous sci-fi conundrum.

Written, directed & edited by Robin King
Starring David Crow & Chris Hayward
Director of Photography Mirko Beutler
Camera & Lighting Assistant Amy Newstead
Sound & Music Nat Saunders

This film was written, shot & edited in seven days as part of the second round of selection for the US TV show 'On The Lot' (a kind of X-Factor for film directors). I submitted my first film "Ten Thousand Pictures of You" (vimeo.com/2554266) to the competition, and got a call one night from Dreamworks saying that I should make a new film in one week, and that it and my submitted film would be watched by Steven Spielberg...

The film was written in 2 days, prepped in 2 days, shot in 1 day and edited in 2 days. (All while I also had to get a visa application ready in case I got through!) Apparently Spielberg liked them, but I didn't quite make the cut for the show proper.

Shot on a Z1, edited in FCP. Minimal colour correction and the split screen work was with the 8-point garbage removal tool.

For those of you who are interested, I also made a documentary about the making of Unpossible, called "Mission:Unpossible" (vimeo.com/2728263).

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