Get out your solidarity choker and your Sauconys...

One of my most long standing favorite bands, hopesfall, announced that they'd be doing a reunion show Summer 2011 with the line-up from what I consider to be one of hardcore's most definitive collection of songs, 'No Wings To Speak Of'.

My buddy Josh Acuff grew up with these guys and there was no question that we needed to do something special for the most awaited reunion in Charlotte, NC.

We spent a day with the 'No Wings' line-up of hopesfall - Josh Brigham, Ryan Parrish, Adam Morgan, Pat Aldrich, and Doug Venable - at their Charlotte practice space and talked about what getting together like this, with this particular line-up meant to all of them after 10+ years having gone by.

It's an honor and a pleasure to be a part of what I consider to be a significant piece of history in my life as well as the lives of countless others...there's a guy coming from New Zealand to see these guys play together again for crying out loud!

For the Winston Salem, NC show on Friday, August 5th, go here:

For the Charlotte, NC show on Saturday, August 6th, go here:

Enjoy and go core!

Producer/Secondary Cam : Josh Acuff (
Shooter/Prod Assistant : JD Gravitt (
Shooter/Prod Assistant : David Stanfield (
Shooter/Producer/Editor : H. Blake Edwards (
Special Thanks to YouTube user: daniellaurine (for posting the vintage hopesfall videos)

'Comish' by The Champion & His Burning Flame
'Open Hands to the Wind' by .hopesfall.
'End of An Era' by .hopesfall.

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