This is my motorized slider. The slider is based on the Igus Drylin Slider WJ-16-60-10 (1 meter long).
I was inspired by Ben's " DIY Dolly "

The slider is driven by a 12 volt low RPM high torque gear motor, a reversible 12 volt PWM controller is used to control the direction and speed of the motor.

Racks and spur gears can be found here:

Catalog # SRF1-1000 / 1 Meter Long
Catalog # SSA1-40 / 40 Teeth Spur Gear
Catalog # SUSL1-14 / 14 Teeth Hub Gear

Note: This list migh be different from slider to slider since not all the sliders are cut to the same length.

Motor and Misc can be found here:

Part #: RZ12-3000 1RPM / Best for time lapses
Part #: RZ12-1000 3RPM / Best for time lapses
Part #: RZ12-100 30RPM / Best for video
Part #: RZ12-56-51RPM / Best for video

Part #: BEC20M
Part #: BEC20F

DC Power Jacks / Plugs
Part #: 163-4303
Part #: 17FH114

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