This is the stunt ender segment from Knock It Off 2. Lots of jumping off of and into plenty of stuff. I'm really amped on all of these stunts, and although some people would see this as just people being dumb and jumping off of things, I for one see the artistic merit in the entire segment.
After finishing filming for Knock It Off 1, the ender stunt being the flip into an old industrial refrigerator, I knew that for things to progress and be worthy of knock it off 2, they would have to be bigger and more creative, with more camera angles. I feel like I had a good grasp at this point on what would look legit before even attempting it. I also knew I could get hurt doing even a lame stunt, so I wouldn't do it unless I thought it would be good. Stand out stunts would have to be the flip down the hill, the ladder in the back of the truck, the palm tree grind, and of course, the legendary fourth floor jump. This segment also contains some amazing stunts from Jimmy Wilson, who jumps into a sand pile from really high while rocking a yellow shirt, among others, as well as my cousin Mike getting rock bottomed into a table, and Lange aka Wang getting hit in the head with some boxes. Have fun!
Plus, I gotta give props to the CKY crew and the legendary series of videos (CKY2k and CKY3 are the best!) for all the inspiration. R.I.P. Random Hero!

Music: Intro: Slayer, "Piece By Piece" from "Reign In Blood" Main segment: Malevolent Creation, "Piece by Piece" from "the best of Malevolent Creation"

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