I only used a small part of the song which is called "Elephant Style" by Dum Dum Project. Other than that, the videos and designs are all my own work.

Filmed on DV tapes, edited on Final Cut and eventually split screened on premiere CS5.

Hand model: Rebecca Liggett
feet models: Emma Chadwick and Gina Burns.
Thankyou to Aanisah for suppling authentic Mehndi
Thankyou to Chris Golightley who edited the videos
Thankyou to Jon for helping me make a split screen video.

On and off for about 2 years I have been practising the art of Henna or 'Mehndi' and these two videos were part of my degree show performance installation at the university of central lancashire. The whole installation was called "Maya's Rapture"
These two videos were actually 20 mins long to give a slow, calming effect and on separate tv monitors on the floor.
I am aware that my henna work is far from advanced but I love painting it onto my hands as well as others and I'll continue to practise this art. The videos were edited to be soft, warm and earthy in colour.

practising the art of henna started when I thought I really wanted a tattoo, since I already had a few piercings, then why not? But I wasn't sure what I wanted and if i'd hate it after a few years? So someone suggested I play with henna, its an art, its a skill id be learning, its part of a culture that I find interesting and it fades away, I can make new designs every time, so I'll never get bored. Oh and I love the smell, it smells like a tree drenched in rain water.

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