From the Psychic Welfare album on RVNG Intl. (RVNGNL09)

The "Bee Nose (Put Yr Face On)" video was largely inspired by the visuals incorporated in Pink Skull's new live show. After I worked through the mass of video feedback, found visuals, etc. that Julian and JG accumulated, I thought a video in the mode of Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" or Talking Heads' "Once In A Lifetime" would pay retro honor to the futuristic pursuit of early "green screen" experimentation. Black Boxer helped create the backdrop and domain that Julian appears the reluctant master of in the video. Thanks for having a look. Adam Carrigan / August, 2011

Video by Pop Fizz.
Directed & produced by Adam Carrigan.
Green screen footage filmed by Matthew Lyons.
Graphics, sequencing, and visual composition by Blake Boxer.
Video feedback and Yantras by Ricardo Rivera, Adam Carrigan and Pink Skull.

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