These are sample clips for a recent music video shot using an HDR process to create a tonemapped end product. This is a somewhat new process for video and we had to overcome a lot of hurdles.

We used a 3D beamsplitter and two Canon 7Ds with matching lenses. Cameras used matching settings with ND filters used in combination with the beam splitter mirror to produce the difference in exposures.

Problems we ran into included slight misalignments on the beam splitter, the lack of gen lock on the Canon DSLRs and also figuring out the best way to combine the exposures in post.

A few of our shots came out soft, either due to misalignment of the beam splitter or during fast moving sequences which cause slight variations in frames due to the shutters being out of sync.

Some of the issues could be fixed in post. After Effects was used to combine and blend the video tracks, which were then color corrected.

The final tonemapped look was used to create a somewhat surreal look for the end product, a music video for the band "Who's Your Daddy" to their acapella version of Strawberry Fields Forever.

You can see the full music video on their website here-

Shot by: Colin Mika

Directed by: Mareesa Stertz

VFX: Christian Spencer

Still Photos Copyright: ONE/X

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