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Eran Tsafrir

diG.shaKe.riSe.andblEEed,myloVe. questions the potency of demonstration, revolt and sacrifice as an instrument for policy change, against the backdrop of the current economic downturn, cuts, job losses, rise in university tuition fees, broken manifesto promises, student protest, strikes, riots and occupations.

The project, created and produced by British Israeli artist Eran Tsafrir and meinluftgesheft is a hub for the creation of artwork and the fostering of debate.

"ascensIon." – a site-specific installation incorporating photography, sound, archival audio and moving image, light, earth, grit, stones, bricks, cement, concrete, tarmac and newspapers, was on show in December 2011 – January 2012 at the Old Shoreditch Station Project Space, East London. For documentation, visit: erantsafrir.com/digshakeriseandbleeedmylove_ascension/

"viVa.voCe." – a site-specific sound installation that was on show in January 2012 at the ‘occupied’ Old Street Magistrates’ Court, London. For documentation, visit: erantsafrir.com/digshakeriseandbleeedmylove_viva-voce/

Icons. – a photo, video and audio documentation of members of Occupy Justice, a faction of Occupy London, that presents an iconography and alternative aesthetic of Occupy. The work challenges public perception of the movement and tests the idea of the ‘aestheticization of politics’ in the current sociopolitical environment. See: erantsafrir.com/digshakeriseandbleeedmylove_icons/

A documentary film, a meinluftgesheft production is in the making.

diG.shaKe.riSe.andblEEed,myloVe. is created within the ambit of conteXtism – a manifesto-driven initiative aimed at illuminating the interrelationships between art and the social, political, economic, religious, ethical and legal contexts in which it is made and displayed. In the belief that art has the power to unravel the complexity, intricacy and multi-dimensionality of prevailing human and social reality and the forces that shape it, artwork created as part of the project serves as a trigger for debate, and for tackling questions about the wave of protest we have witnessed in the last few years.

For more information, to view images and to join the debate, visit:


Blog/website: digshakeriseandbleeedmylove.wordpress.com

Twitter: twitter.com/#!/digshakerise



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