The aim of the competition proposal is to create a new type of kindergarten, where children can easily learn to incorporate with each other and with urban environment, and society.

The project solution is a public building with three-dimensional park integrated in the urban structure – to become a part of the city public space and greenery system, which is a part of the Riga development plan.

Common spaces like swimming pool, sports hall, assembly hall and canteen are organized around the inner courtyard, enclosed by openable glazed facade facing outdoor space, giving a possibility to open them and expand towards the courtyard. The comunication space between common rooms can be used for various activities.

The courtyard park is organized in various levels for learning and playing activities. The volumes for each children age-group are designed to be personalized and different, ensuring recognition and convenient orientation for children.

The spatial green park bends over the building - connecting the courtyard with the urban public space - it creats integration of inner life of kindergarten with the city public space. Children can be joined and seperated according to the safety or kindergarden needs. The park contains playgrounds and sports fields for children of various ages and interests, available for children of the kindergarten and for public use.

Authors: Andris Kronbergs, Arnita Armane, Raimonds Saulitis, Andis Alksnins, Kristaps Sulcs, Evija Runce, Andris Dzenis, Linda Zala, Girts Kula, Jurgis Vizulis, Helvijs Savickis

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