Talented, beautiful, confident and outgoing, 35-year old Kara DioGuardi could easily be a celebrity. She has recorded 30 international charting singles, written 28 top 10 albums, and her songs have sold over 100 million copies. Plus she has won nine Billboard Music industry (BMI) awards – including Pop Writer of the Year in 2007.

But unless you are a record executive or pop performer, you probably do not even recognize Kara’s name. That’s because she is a songstress-to-the-stars – the most prodigious popular lyricist working today – writing side-by-side with the likes of Britney, Christina, Gwen, Kelly Clarkson, Hillary Duff and dozens more to pen over 50 songs a year, sometimes as fast as one an hour.

But the stress of creating Celine’s next #1 single is nothing compared to Kara’s other job: managing and mentoring her own roster of young writers and producers – hyper-talented creative types just like her, with dreams of making it as big as their boss.

For the first time, iKara will take us into this crazed world of overnight sensations and one-hit wonders, as Kara shepherds her “family” through personal struggles and the choppy waters of the LA music industry – all while trying to stay on top herself.

While Kara could just sit back and let the royalty checks roll in, she’s putting everything she has at risk in an effort to transform her boutique operation into the music industry’s force majeure and take on the biggest companies in the business….all the while struggling to stick to her down-to-earth roots that she credits as the secret to all her success.

As busy as she is, Kara’s personal life and career are one and the same. She runs her multi-million dollar company out of her house with Stephen Finfer, a high-powered music attorney who also happens to be her ex-boyfriend – his office is her living room. Constantly bickering, Kara describes their relationship as “all the annoying parts of having a husband, but without the sex.”

iKara will show the outrageous, hilarious and heartbreaking side to Kara's hectic life and career as a songwriter, producer, music publisher and record executive.

This project was developed and pitched between 2007-2009 before Kara became an American Idol judge and household name. After a dozen successful pitches, Bravo was most interested in picking it up for series. Per the networks request a show bible was created, additional scenes were shot and the pitch reel was screened at Bravo's offsite gathering. Bravo eventually passed on the project until a few weeks later when Kara became an American Idol judge and they called to be in business.

Fox and CAA prevented the project from moving forward. A couple years after passing on the project when Kara was no longer on American Idol the same development exec at Bravo that passed on this docu-soap got in business with Kara, creating a series called Platinum Hit and shooting a docu-soap reality pilot called...Kara.
The creators of this original Kara series were not informed or involved.

Sixteen Blue Productions is Gary Kordan, Janet Billig Rich, Kaylyn Thornal and Chris Losnegard.

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