I completed this show open as part of a graphics package for FOX Carolina's high school football highlight show featured at the tail end of the Ten O'Clock News every Friday night during football season.

I pulled it together using models gathered from C4Dcafe.com and turbosquid.com. I animated the camera in Cinema 4D with CSTools MoCam and animated the objects with a combination of keyframing and Modynamics. The Helmet reflections required two separate renders to get the look right. One with crowd footage applied as animated textures to planes arranged and duplicated across the stands. I rendered them with global illumination on. I then used the standard renderer with volumetric lights arranged in front of the light towers and rendered the same scene again.

Using plenty of object buffers and external compositing tags, I pulled the project into After Effects, applied the same crowd shots to the stands in the background, generated grass for the football field using CC Hair, and added the explosion and burn damage with elements gathered from videocopilot's Action Essentials 2. I finished the piece having made the necessary render fixes, color correction, and timing adjustments.

Sound design was done in After Effects, even though it's not really built for that.

Client: FOX Carolina
Voice Over: Beau Weaver
Green screen production: Jason Ayers, Darren Gardner
Design, animation, compositing, sound design: Darren Gardner
Talent: Dana Minyard, Ronnie Poore, Jason Ayers, Noel Tyrpak, Amanda Tyrpak, Darren Gardner, Rebecca Gardner

Software Used: Adobe After Effects, Maxon Cinema 4D, Trapcode Particular, Knoll Light Factory

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