In July, 2011, the Five Studios team competed in the 48 Hour Film Project in Tampa/St. Petersburg. Friday night we drew Suspense/Thriller as our genre, and before you could say "pyrotechnic engineer" our writers were scripting away straight through until Saturday morning. Like so many of the other 48HFP teams, we pushed it to the limit with only seconds to spare, but we ended up turning in an entry that was a "proxy" rendering with timecode burned into it (visible in the frame). So this final edited version is a fully rendered version with no timecode in the frame, it is color graded, uses our recorded second system sound, and it has readable credits (as they are all well deserved).

The 48HFP introduced many of us to a whole new network of friends and contacts. It was an experience that will surely prove to be invaluable, and it gave us incredible memories we are likely never to forget.

We hope you enjoy this film as much as we enjoyed making it. If it leaves you feeling uneasy, please try to stay calm and rational, we don't want to see you get "Unhinged."

NOTE: Film has strong language and some violence (This film is Not Rated).

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