Interactive Installation
Montréal, Canada

with Baillat Cardell & fils.
PERIOD. is an interactive installation that transforms a building into a multiuser audiovisual sequencer.

Up to 15 participants can connect to the system through their smartphone. Once they are connected, the system assigns them a tile on the projection, and by shaking their smartphone participants trigger an animated sequence in the projection and a sound. All sounds are synched and in tune, creating a harmonic musical piece.

This project started the research into smartphone sensors and how to
create expressive real-time interactions with the physical world. A later project exploring this is called THINGS/CHOSES.

This is the interactive installation version of a website called PLAY.

Projectors, smart phones, sound monitors.

Montréal, Canada

Mutek MX
Mexico City, Mexico

Presented in collaboration with Baillat Cardell & fils
Co-Designed and programmed by Iregular

Video Adam Thompson

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