Jean-Sebastien Baillat, Guillaume Cardell and Daniel Iregui present PERIOD, a work that extends the experiential campaign developed for MUTEK 2011 (with Pointbarre) and housed at MUTEK.ORG/PLAY. Projected against the facade of UQAM’s Centre for Design in Montréal, this project weaves together PLAY’s visual blocks and sounds (conceived by Jean-Sebastien Roux) into a spontaneous tableau of inventive playfulness.

Concept: Jean-Sebastien Baillat, Guillaume Cardell and Daniel Iregui
Production: Baillat Cardell & fils. + Iregular
Art direction, graphic and motion design and campaign concept: Baillat Cardell & fils.
Interaction Design and Development: Iregular
Music by: Jean-Sebastien Roux

\\ with Iregular:

Coordination: Santiago Ramos
Mobile Front-End Development: Nicolás Herrera, Jaime Rivera
Backend Development: Nicolás Herrera
Max MSP Development: Thomas Thiery
Flash Development: Daniel Iregui
Making of: Adam Thompson

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