Part 1 of 3. Flight Test

Watch as the BowHunterPlanet Team shows you a bunch of great broadheads for 2011. Testing includes flight, water and crossbow. This is a great guide if you are looking to buy some new broadheads over 30 Minutes of testing to help you find the right broadhead this season.

Products used in this video include Darton DS-2800, Darton Serpent LTD II Crossbow, Vanguard Endeavor's, Stand up, Carbon Express Arrows, Lumn-Arrow Bolts, and American Whitetail Target cube hybrid. Broadheads include - Rage, G5, Ramcat, Magnus, Carbon Express, Spot-On, American Broadhead company, T3, Innerloc, Muzzy, Trophy Taker, Trophy Ridge, Tru-Fire T1, NAP and Wacem.

Special Thanks to: Hawk Associates, Providence Marketing Group, T13 Creative, TREE STAND UP, Darton Archery, Carbon Express, American Whitetail Targets, GlenDel, Burt Coyote Company,,, Vanguard and all the broadhead manufactures.

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