This edit was supposed to be the first of Be-Mag's new edit format "Build it/Blade it". I sent in the section in April and it's still not up on their site so; Sorry Be-Mag. I'd rather have it on my account then in your storage room.
The whole idea behind the edit format is to build something out of nothing and skate it. So we did.

This was filmed in Tokyo the day before my birthday in February so it was still kinda cold out. We went to this bridge out on the Mita Line and found a bunch of stuff to build a spot out of. Rails, boards, concrete blocks and other stuff that would help us. The two spots is just a hundred meters away from eachother so getting around was easy. One under the bridge, and one on top of the big white rock.

The last spot was filmed a couple of days after, just randomly messing around down by the ledge in Toshima.

Skaters: Shintaro Nakayama, Daichi Tomioka and Yutaro Marumoto.

Film/Edit: Vincent Lindgren.

Hanglosers United Rollerblading Club x スケバ SUKEBA.

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