video shot and edited by: George Forste

2011 idgf underground

disclaimer: This is NOT the band of the same name from winston-salem, north carolina.

band members:
Jesh Logsdon - Vocals, Guitar
Eric Garwood - Drums, Being A Decent Human Being
Mac Blair - Guitar, Vocals
Zac Newton - Bass, Vocals, Legal Drinking, All Legwork... (dammit)

After some shuffling and shifting about just before the summer of 2011, a force to be reckoned with emerged from a dirty, smelly bedroom in Buffalo, Kentucky. In lieu of what you might expect (some dirty pre-pubescent boy, perhaps?) what emerged was something almost delightful. With catchy as hell guitar riffs, hooks about getting in fights (even though most of us would probably lose) and doing hoodrat stuff with our friends, Boxwine stands poised to be catchy as hell, get in fights, and do hoodrat stuff with our friends. The question that Jesh, Mac, Eric, and Zac have for you is very simply: "You in?"

source: facebook

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