"Ghosts in the Machine: The Inquest of Mary Gallagher" is a three-channel anamorphic video installation about the murder and partial dismemberment of Mary Gallagher in 1879. Mary Gallagher is also known as the Ghost of Griffintown, who returns every seven years in search of her lost head.

This video shows Ghosts' three source sequences and their anamorphic reflections, filmed at the FOFA Gallery. To picture the installation set up, see the video "Ghosts in the Machine - Centaur Documentation."

More images of the installation can be found here.

Cast (in alphabetical order)
Deena Aziz
Diana Fajrajsl
Dean Fleming
Alexandria Haber
Tristan D. Lalla
Julie Tamiko Manning

Shauna Janssen, Curating & Production Management
Micheline Chevrier, Voice Direction
Jason Lee, Cinematography
Lachlan Fletcher, Sound Recording

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