This video originally was 10 minutes long and has been sped up approximately 10x with slowmoVideo. Additionally motion blur has been added to avoid the otherwise jerky look.

slowmoVideo is my bachelor thesis and can be downloaded from its web page:
slowmoVideo is Open Source and originally built for creating slow-motion videos as in the last few seconds.

The kinetic typography part has again been created in blender. The video was edited in kdenlive.

For bug reports and support and some behind-the-scenes information please use Google+ (send me a message if you need an invitation):
(You can chose to notify me when writing an entry.)

Music: Rebirth from stephano mocini:

If you think that I should have held my camera a little more steady: I was driving one-handed on my bicycle for 10 minutes, with a Nikon D7000 plus battery grip and a 600 g lens held in my right hand. That's tight!

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