Yeah! Beasty Breakdowns that smack as f*ck hope u like dis!

Rights by WMG/GEMA, and the Music Labels!!!

Bands | Songs:

Feed Her To The Sharks - Digital Breakdown
Carnifex - Entombed Monarch
We Are The End - A Kingdom Build Of Man
Downtown Massacre - Where Angels Dare Not Threat
What Lies Beneath - If Love Is Blind I Must Be Ray Charles
Rose Funeral - Emblaming The Masses
Suffokate - Force Fed
Veil Of Maya - Namaste
The Acacia Strain - Skynet
Aegaeon - Perception
From The Shallows - Under A Killing Moonlight A Fire Is Awakening
Whitechapel - End Of Flesh
Disfigured Elegance - Your Last Breath (feat. Mat Laperle)
Chelsea Grin - My Damnation

yeah I hope you like some of em, it's sure not everyones Breakdown-Taste but I like all of em very very much.
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