Sebastian: Arnaud Cordier
Madeline: Leslie Coutterand
The Lover: Anne-Cecile Quivogne
Fake date: Edouard Giard

Writer/Director/DP/Editor: Jonas Thorbjoern
Sound: Denniz Bertelsen
Songs: Orange Monks

The responsibility one have in doing the right thing, making the right decisions, but how one ends up only making the wrong ones.

"I was in New York in 2007, living at a hostel. So was Leslie and Arnaud. We talked and I got so excited with the fact that I had met actors from New York and now from Paris too. And since I already knew a bunch from Copenhagen I wanted to write something where I could use them all and a story emerged in my head.
I wanted to do a trilogy about love, simply. How it starts, evolves and ends.
I wrote a 3-part story where we meet two stranges that falls in love; How the guy is breaking up with the girl 4 years later; And how that girl is left with everything else.
I came up with a structure where the one story is happening in 3 different cities, to 3 different couples: They meet in Copenhagen, they break up in Paris and the aftermath is in New York City.
I knew how Paris: Part 2 should act out, so I wrote that one first. Once done, I borrowed camera and sound equipment from the film school I was at, bought a 10-day ticket to Paris and off I went. Rodriquez style!

My friend Denniz would come help me out with the sound but for some scenes it was only me and the actors. It was a quite thrilling experience. Especially the last part where she kind of attacks him with reality. We didn´t rehearse it that much and I gave Arnaud and Leslie the freedom to forget the exact words and play with the scene. I was operating the camera and didn´t wanted to know exactly what they were going to do, to help a more real style along. "Whatever happens, happens".
We were only going to do the first part of it and stop when Madeline gets up from the coach. But as we started to shoot they did the whole scene in one take. With tears, raw emotions and everything. I just kept shooting.
And I remember my hands started to shake, which was a problem since I was holding the camera. I wasn´t exactly sure what had just happened. It was all in french, so how could I? So after Arnauds character had left, I didn´t know how I was supposed to say cut. "Cut" like "We´re going to do it again" or "Cut" like "…are you ok?"
I choose the later. Leslie looked at me and said "Oh yeah yeah. Let´s do it again".
They did it 3 times, each time as real and believable as the first one. Amazing.

Once home I wanted to shoot the 1st part, but we had trouble finding equipment so we didn´t get to shoot it. Plus I found out what I had written was simply awfull and boring.
I was going to New York that summer in 2009 where I wanted to shoot the 3rd part. It turned out to be a pretty big 3rd part and due to my, at the time, lack of good pre-production I wounded up shooting another short film, and thus postponing the shooting.
I knew I still wanted to make the trilogy, since I had the 2nd part.
Time went and life took over. Part 2 was collecting dust and even though the shooting of remaining two parts was set in the unknown future, I tried to edit Part 2. Maybe by cutting it, it would spark the making of the other parts.
It didn´t.

And the cutting took forever. Over 1 1/2 years I was battling with it and the notion if maybe I should try and cut it as a short film on its own. So much time had passed by and by the time Part 1 and 3 would be done, Part 2 wouldn´t fit in. It would seem like the ugly duckling. Plus a whole section was mainly improvised in french and I couldn´t find anyone who could help me translate it. I was ready to give up, really.
But one day I told my girlfriend, who´s an actress, about Part 2 and she just looked at my with insisting eyes and said: "You need to get it done! You owe it to yourself and the cast!".
1 1/2 months later I had had the scenes correctly translated and had found a new, stand-alone, structure.

Finally, "Paris (In Parts)", as it came to be, is not mine anymore.
It´s everyone elses.

Hope you enjoy.

- Jonas Thorbjoern, writer/director"

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