If you could make one change in the world -- what would it be?

That is one question The Perennials Project is asking of individuals who share the desire to see a more just and sustainable future.

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The Perennials Project is an exploration of individuals and communities working toward a sustainable future by bridging divides. Perennials are people working across complex generational, professional, class and other cultural boundaries. To reach sustainability, the world needs technological solutions -- it also needs Perennial people. Like perennial plants, these people grow deep roots and nurture relationships across boundaries in the communities where they work. They are change-makers, they are persistent and they are looking for recruits.

The Perennials Project is led by a collaborative of four young leaders. Our goal is to celebrate and nurture Perennials – and inspire new ones – through film, web and other media. Join us in this story as we visit coal mining communities in Appalachia, urban agriculture initiatives in Denver, a design-build program for at-risk youth in the rural North Carolina, and other efforts to share their stories of working toward just and sustainable communities

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