New Balance ad campaign "Anthem" Originally produced in 2D. Legend Films, Inc. converted the commercial to 3D using the latest stereosynthesis processing.

Originally produced by The Mill for BBDO, "Anthem" is a memorable trip into the surreal. This particular spot would have been extremely difficult to shoot and composite in 3D. Using the latest proprietary production and conversion processes from the team of Legend Films and PassmoreLab, the commercial was enhanced in the 3rd dimension in less than one week.

In most cases, it is considerably cheaper and faster to produce a commercial in 2D with all live action and effects and then converting it to 3D afterward. Converting from 2D to 3D also provides more creative leverage in producing the 3D effects.

This 3D conversion is suitable for anaglyph on normal TVs and also for LCD glasses and polarizing glasses for 3D ready HDTV and RealD theatrical exhibition.

There was a great deal of red in the original commercial which detracted from red blue anaglyph depth. Consequently a specific color correction was done to enhance the anaglyph effect.

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