Austerity, debt, social destruction in Europe: stop !
Coordinate our strengths - Democratic alternatives are necessary and possible!
This conference took place at a time when the Euro crisis, the crisis of the EU, is deepening in the context of a general crisis of financialised capitalism. Europe, whose bases have been destabilised, finds itself in a dead end. With the Euro Pact Plus, a fresh limit has been overstepping the worsening of the social and democratic crisis. Ecological issues can not find solution in this context.

More than ever before, the only way out of the crisis lies in resistance and struggles to reject the Euro Pact Plus, the new European economic governance, the
generalisation of austerity and the pressure of public debts. It lies in changing Europe to make it an area of cooperation and solidarity. We must act together in Europe
to counter the divisions, the nationalism and resentment that can only encourage populist and radical Rightwing trends that are growing today even as we must link the
European issues to the struggles at national level and everywhere making clear the things we have in common.

Difficulties are continually worsening for wage earners and pensioners, for those in insecure employment, young people migrants and the poorest people, or those being
reduced to poverty. Everywhere women are the worst affected. We welcome as most encouraging the movements of “the indignant ones” in many European countries for “a real democracy”.

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