John Paul II. – The charismatic Pope of the hearts

… or, to describe his life in other words: "I have given you an example“.

Live performances with more than 400 million people - 104 journeys into 129 countries in somewhat more than 26 years – sum of kilometres flown: 1,25 million (correspond to 31 circumnavigations of the earth or the triple distance earth / moon) – these are the bear figures which characterized the episcopate of John Paul II. and which do not even basically do justice to the person and the priest Karol Józef Wojtyła!

For John Paul II. had a gift that impressed all faithful, and followers of different faiths and non-believers all over the world. He touched the hearts and the souls of people among all social classes, races and ages in like manner! He had a particularly heartfelt interest in the children and the youth and had influence on a complete generation, the „Generation JP II“, and because of his nature he left a tremendous impression: honest, direct and with a young spirit until the end! That is what also reflected in the words of John Paul II. from his deathbed, when the youth of the world showed great compassion in his dying and came together on St. Peter's Square in Rome: „I have sought you. Now you have come to me and I thank you.“

You didn't have to share the opinions of John Paul II. – and many didn't – but he managed to do something that was extremely rare! You could quarrel with him and you could discuss with him, but you always could trust his seriousness and honesty! That was the fascination of John Paul II. and at the same time his heritage: a warm-hearted love for all people, integrity and respect for everyone! He didn't sell ideologies but always was authentic and credible! A strong rock within a restless and tireless world where you can no longer have trust in anything.

It was he who, in the Holy Year 2000, asked for forgiveness for the persecution of the Jews and for religious wars. The first Pope who prayed at the Wailing Wall and visited a synagogue. The first pontiff who went to the Muslims and into their mosque and who was full of hope in a God of mercy and compassion.

„Prayers do not change the world. But the prayers change the people and the people change the world. It is like that, if all ways are blocked the one which rests is the way up."

On the occasion of the beatification of John Paul II. on 1st May, 2011 by Pope Benedict XVI. we are very glad to publish, together with the songwriter and singer Roberta Kelly and the composer and producer Michael Holm, the song „John Paul The Second“ in honour of the „Pope of the media“ („Television is the best medium to reach people“) worldwide in digital form, and by that to erect a musical memorial to John Paul II. which reflects the live of this man: cheerful, honest, strong, with an unshakeable faith and full of respect! A wonderful and right quotation we can find in the song text:


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