This was one of the special happenings of Lunchmeat festival 2011. For two days, the urban space was occupied by mobile projector which transformed the city's landscape into whole new visual experience.

Visual artists: Frances Sander & Dima Berzon
Music: Teebs, Denoir & Neuroalex
Spots: DOX, Bio Oko, Roxy, Palackého Náměstí, Národní Třída & MeetFactory

Direction: sgnlr (
Camera: sgnlr, Miláno Formánek, Bego Santiago, Filip Maryško, Adam Elšík
Music: Teebs (
Production: Kuba Pešek, Kuba Larva, Ondra Havelka

thx for support: Red Bull, 3M & DOX

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