The Ensemble Tartit ("Tartit" means "union") are a band from the Tombouctou Region of Mali. The group comprised five women and four men, all of whom are members of the Tamasheq ethnic group (also known as Tuareg). They met in a refugee camp in Burkina Faso, where their music was a means of survival in the face of the economic, social and political difficulties of the region.

* Fadimata Walett Oumar - vocals, tinde drum
* Walett Oumar Zeinabou - vocals, tinde drum
* Mama Walett Amoumine - vocals, tinde drum
* Fadimata W. Mohamedun (Fatma) - vocals, tinde drum
* Tafa Al Hosseini - vocals, imzad
* Mohamed Issa ag Oumar - lead electric guitar, vocals
* Ag Mohamed Idwal - 4-string teherdent lute, guitar
* Amanou - 3-string tehardent lute, guitar, vocals
* Mossa Ag Mohamed - vocals

Vibo Valentia
3 agosto 2011


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