We are visual animals, depending on our vision as our main point of reference and that limits us, because sight only presents us a specific state in time. We perceive the different states but not the change while they are being produced. We need point B to draw the line that began at A.

WhH is a machine which creates growth rings in a section of virgin wood. It engraves concentric rings in the wood surface by laser, so that the result is closer to reality than a computer-generated graphic. It is just as important that the graphic is realised slowly over time, involving external factors which could affect the process, separating us from the instantaneousness of a printer in order to understand the process that it is giving at that exact instant, while confronting the vision we are accustomed to, because we will always be able to make a comparison with the rings that it already drew at the moment of our visit.

Every little change on the surrounding will generate a new ring. The distance between each ring is related to time factors and variation of its perimeter will be directly tied to the number of people in the hall and their movements; this will also affect the number of passes the machine makes over the ring group throughout the day, thus influencing its thickness and depth in different areas... leaving blank spaces during night and weekend, when nobody is detected around.

More info at: danielpalacios.info

Music: Clint Mantsell. Welcome to Lunar Industries.

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