Last Prick Standing is Portland's finest progressive garage band. Their epic sophomore effort, the LP Seduce Yourself, will be released later this year, but this summer, in an orgy of vanity, the band's founder Thomas Dietzel is releasing the nine-part SOLO CHROMATIC VIDEO SERIES via In The Can Intervision (Internet Television).

These videos feature live solo piano and vocal performances by Dietzel of songs from Seduce Yourself, 2010's Zebra, and elsewhere. These performances are raw and unpolished in contrast to the band's studio work, but capture the energy of their live shows and are complemented by mesmerizing visual treatments. The result, for better or worse, is undeniably a spectacle. A new video will be issued every Tuesday (starting July 19th) until all nine are available.

The songs were recorded to analog tape by Tropical Isaac of Imaginary Border and shot by Karl Lind of In The Can Productions LLC with help from Clint Ganczak of Evolver Studios and the masterful post production talents of John Bacone. Thank you for viewing them.

See for other videos, recordings, and short fiction in addition to information about upcoming shows.

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