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The Story:
I was pretty bothered that I couldn't find a dubstep remix of any MCR songs on YouTube, so I decided to take it upon myself to put out the first! This is also my first remix ever and first "dubstep" track. There will be more, I promise.

I don't own any of the vocals or video that I borrowed from My Chemical Romance or their label or whoever else there is in that whole chain of things. I only own this remix and the personal video that I mixed into the video. Vocal tracks from SupurbAcapellas. Subscribe to them on YouTube:


I put a lot of time into this, so I hope you enjoy. 40+ hours into the remix and the video. I'm working on a remix of Planetary (GO!) at the moment, so I'll post that when it's ready.

Two things I need from the viewers:
- Feedback in the form of comments (good or bad)
- People to spread this video around.

Special Thanks to SupurbAcapellas (youtube.com/user/SupurbAcapellas) for providing the best quality vocal and instrumental tracks in the world. I wouldn't have been able to do it without his tracks!

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