wisie.com/ presents Wisie Motivational Video for Children:
"Choose Your Friends"

This inspirational video helps your child understand that it is up to him to choose his friends who are kind, respectful and loving, who behave well with other children, animals and even plants. The Wisie for Children video provides essential parenting tips on how you can help your child learn to stay away from wild, unruly children. Watch this video with your child to give your child and essential life wisdom on how to choose to be in the company of positive, caring friends.
Wisie Inspirational Videos for Children offer a unique daily parenting help for parents to impart life wisdom to their children for healthy child development. This video is one of the unlimited daily videos you will receive as a Wisie.com member that will help you motivate and inspire your child towards realizing his/her own potential and achieve greatness.

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