100 Portraits — 100 Photographers: Selections from the FlakPhoto.com Archive


For the past five years editor Andy Adams has been been publishing FlakPhoto.com, a website that promotes photography from within the online photo community. In November 2010, Adams teamed up with curator Larissa Leclair to produce a photo projection for the FotoWeek DC Festival of Photography, which screened simultaneously at several non-traditional exhibition venues: on the exterior of the Corcoran Gallery of Art, in the Satellite Central projection theater, and on screens fixed to trucks traveling throughout the streets of the city.

Since then, the screening has shown at the Head On Photography Festival in Sydney, Snap! Celebrate the Photograph in Orlando, and the New York Photo Festival in Brooklyn. 100 Portraits received its first physical exhibition in the summer of 2011 at the Australian Centre for Photography (ACP.org.au) in Sydney, Australia. This video details the installation of the exhibition.


Read an exhibition Q+A with curators Larissa Leclair and Andy Adams at bit.ly/Visura100Portraits


The Internet has changed the way we consider photography, and the medium has undergone remarkable transformations at every level. No longer restricted to the gallery wall or the printed page, photography now regularly—and sometimes exclusively—appears onscreen. More significantly, Web 2.0 is influencing photo culture around the world by connecting international audiences to art experiences, enabling the discovery of new work and presenting never-before-seen channels of expression and participation.

The projection features 100 dynamic portraits from an exciting group of contemporary photographers in all stages of their careers, each selected from the digital archive on FlakPhoto.com. In the spirit of the public art projection in Washington D.C., Adams mounted a complementary digital exhibition that would be immediately accessible to an international online audience. Since launching in November 100 Portraits has been viewed by more than 54,000 visitors from 24 countries and the project has been featured in Wired Magazine, The New Yorker, National Public Radio, aCurator.com and The Washington Post.

In some circles, photography remains a predominantly printed medium. Books and prints are highly collectible and their physical presence is still essential for many photographers. But digital media is transforming photography so it can flourish outside the constraints of traditional publication and exhibition. Contemporary photo culture is marked by a continuous flow of images online and 100 Portraits celebrates the role that a thriving online photography community plays in the discovery and dissemination of work produced by significant artists in the Internet Era.


Larissa Leclair is an independent photography writer, curator, and collector, and founder of the Indie Photobook Library. Most recently Leclair curated the exhibition Permanent Impermanence, a group show at the Washington Project for the Arts, including work by Todd Hido, Curtis Mann, and David Maisel, amongst others. She is a regular reviewer for Critical Mass. Larissa Leclair holds a BFA in Photography and a BA in Anthropology from Washington University in St. Louis and an MA from Yale University. More about her at LarissaLeclair.com

Andy Adams is the founder and editor of FlakPhoto.com, a contemporary photography website that celebrates the culture of image-making by promoting the discovery of artists from around the world. An online art space + photography publication, the site provides opportunities for a global community of artists and photo organizations to share new series work, book projects, and gallery exhibitions with a web-based photography audience. More about him at AndyAdamsPhoto.com

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