The Colloquial Orchestra is an impromptu group of musicians who occasionally get together to play some live improv post-rock. The line-up changes from show to show, as does the instrumentation.

Everyone and no one is a member of The Colloquial Orchestra. They believe that truly worthwhile moments only arise from chance and spontaneity, and that the most worthwhile moments happen but once, and only once. They also believe in a little thing called love, but that's neither here nor there.

This particular song—titled after the fact by the band's violinist for the evening—is called "The Fuck Do You Mean We're Not Playing in D Major Tonight," performed in the key of C major-ish. This particular performance included Dave Watkins (, Matt Klimas of The Snowy Owls ( and The Low Branches (, Joon Kim of Adah (, and Jameson Price, Laney Sullivan and Nathaniel Roseberry of Lobo Marino (

You can download this show and others at

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