This is a short i made for my wedding about how me and my wife met, it started in novemeber 2010 and finished july 2011 a week before my wedding. I screened it for our wedding guests and my wife before my speech.

The 3d elements were all done in maya 2010 and the editing was done in adobe after effects.

all the artist on this project committed their time and expertise for free and in their own free time.

written and Director by Adam Dewhirst

Edited by Charles Wheeler

Character Concepts by

Simon Mitchell
Ole Christian Loken

Set Design by

Karen Bennetzen


Adam Dewhirst
Anne Sofie Tholander
kasper larsson
Dennis Jensen
Stinna Frydkjær Liholm
Paolo Giandoso
Christopher Maslen
Viktoria piechowitz
Morten Bohne
Oldrick Holly


Andrew Butler


Matt Estela


Catherine Elvidge
Tim Meredith
Badruddin Badruddin
Chris Elwyn
Scott Macdonald
Stine Agerskov Frandsen
Keld Nissen
Christoffer andersen

Animatic by Badruddin Badruddin

Rendered at Escape Studios

Special thanks to The Animation Workshop.

my name is Adam Dewhirst and you can view more of my work at

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