Sensible1.0: is an interactive media-installation.

Sensible1.0 is about the ability to sense a virtual layer, constructed out of digital matter in a physical space.

The essence of the installation is the virtual layer. The virtual layer is a representation of x y z coordinates, which are captured real-time in a physical environment.

The virtual layer consists out of real world x y z coordinates, translated into digital x y z coordinates and the overlaying of the physical and the digital dimensions. (

Sensible1.0 exists in a virtual space which manifests itself in between the digital and the physical.

Only when an object or a person is positioned at the coordinates of the virtual layer (within the physical and the digital space), it will reveal itself in the manifestation of projected light.

Sensible is the outcome of an exploration into modern technologies combined with applied open source knowledge and human interaction.

[ This is video is a documentation of the first experimental setup of Sensible 1.0, which will be further developed on the occasion of ISMAR 2011 - “Augmented Reality Conference” ]

Nominated 4 the STRP Talent Pit 2011

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