This project was a real challenge!
In only one week we had to create the concept and animate the characters for a 1 minute spot that mixes traditional 2D animation with animation and composition made in After Effects.
This film was used in the last episode of the Brazilian version of the TV show Idol. It shows anadventure of how dangerous should be to know a top secret information.
I relied on talent, on workforce and on the structure of MOL Toons partners to make this project happen.

General Director: João Luz
Animation Director: Bruno Garcia and Chico Zullo
Animation Supervisor: Chico Bela
Animation: Chico Bela, Chico Zullo, Bruno Garcia, Anderson Lister and William Fernandes
Composition: Bruno Garcia
Assistant of Composition: Bruno Borio
Art Director: Bruno Garcia and Chico Zullo
Animatic: Chico Zullo
Executive Production: Bruno Garcia and Fred Mathias
Production Company: Crash Filmes
Client Contact: Breno Oliveira
Client: Record TV Network / Idolos 2011
Sponsors: Pepsi, Fiat, Net

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