The London Project to Cure Blindness is a 5 year research project that aims to develop a surgical cell therapy for Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD), which will prevent blindness, restore sight and improve sufferers’ quality of life by 2012.

The first phase aimed to replace the cells at the back of the eye that are affected in AMD, the retinal pigment epithelium cells (RPE), using human embryonic stem cells (hES) that have been transformed into RPE cells. This is on-target to go to human trial in 2012 as planned. We now enter the second phase where we use the patients own cells to create RPE cells that are personalized for them. Advances since the first proof-of-concept trials have made it possible for the procedure to be performed on a day-case basis, with the operation itself taking less-than 1 hour in total. The result is a potential cure for blindness, and a miracle for sufferers of AMD.

The London Project has attracted lots of support since its beginnings in 2007 – from The Macular Disease Society, to the US-based Lincy Foundation and the world's top pharmaceutical company, Pfizer – in addition to the many generous donations from enthusiastic members of the public like you.

Our latest supporter is Storholm Racing, a Le Mans racing team that has devoted itself to raising awareness and funds for The London Project. With a newly designed Formula Le Mans car wearing the colors of The London Project, we are quite literally, racing to cure blindness. We will be striving for victory at the 6 hours of Silverstone in September and the Petit Le Mans in the US in early October. We hope to see you there!

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