CDR is the platform for the airing of new ideas, works in progress, unreleased songs, remixes and edits in a sound-system oriented environment. Created on laptops, bedroom studios, sampling sequencers and digital multi-tracks, music producers can at last air their productions in a neutral space to a like-minded audience. Firmly established at Plastic People in London, known for its fine sound system, CDR now continues its quest in Berlin to connect producers, labels, DJs and music lovers- simply for the love of the music

Music for Video: 'NTA' by Lopez + Ave Blaste

next one: October 27th 2011 19h
Workshop 20h: BASIC SOUL UNIT (Toronto) + HENRIK SCHWARZ (Innervisions)

live performance by JOSA PEIT

Open CDR: submit your music by 20:30h to be played during the night

DJs who play your and their music:
Tony Nwachukwu (CDR London)
Dirk Rumpff (OFFtrack)


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