Just to chase away any winter or post-Christmas/New Year blues; here's some more footage from my HOT summer in the Tiran Straits in the Red Sea.

I missed out on filming any Manta's, but got some good shots of the beautiful, if venomous, Blue Spotted Stingray who moves so gracefully. In the last shot, a fine specimen actually 'shuffles' backwards and forwards in an underwater ballet. The other 'leopard spotted' ray is a 'whiptail'.

It's hard NOT to love turtles. Especially the last Hawksbill filmed here very nonchantly having a huge feast on the coral, oblivious to all who were admiring him. Contrast him to the shy individual who bolts to the surface at the start of the clip, before dipping his head beneath the waves to keep an eye on us.

The music is a most exquisite rendition of Jules Massenet's 'Thais Meditations'. Alas, I played neither instrument!

Happy and prosperous, (or at least PEACEFUL), New Year to all.

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