Mystery Palace
"I Thought I Was Right"

A playful romp into the lushness of potentially pastel video feedback, oil, watercolor, illustration puppetry, and straight up goofable fun

Video Produced by PLAYATTA!

- Featuring the lovely -
Vannessa Salour

- Band -
Ryan Olcott
James Buckley
Joey Van Phillips

- Directed by -
Hal Ibaba Lovemelt

- Video Art -
Hal Ibaba Lovemelt
Matt Visionquest
All VFX composited live- no post VFX processing
In Beautiful Standard Definition

- Editor -
Matt Visionquest

- Illustrations -
Carolyn Kopecky

- Ink, Pen, and Watercolours -
Wes Winship

- Paper Composition Puppetry -
Carolyn Kopecky
Kara Lovemelt

- Camera -
Daniel Garritsen
Hamil Griffin Cassidy

- Shot at -

- In colaboration with -

Analog modular video synthesis - LZX industires
The Best fucking video mixer available - Vixid VJX 16-4
Overhead document cameras, light oil and colour

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