I don't know about bringing on world peace, or helping women's rights, but I do know this latest mission might have finally resolved one of the growing issues we've had with Roman.

You see, no one knows who the hell you're talking about when you say "Roman got thrown out of the park yesterday!"
Or someone else says, "You missed it! That 'pervert guy' came to the park NAKED last weekend!" And I'm like, "Who?"

Some people call him "The Face-sitter," but that's not right. He doesn't sit on faces. And the "Sit-on-my-face-guy" does not roll of the tongue. There are several scarred girls who will directly attest to this.

Fart Smeller.
Now that has a ring to it! And Christ, does it paint a picture.

In the above video, the girl in the fringed shirt told me on camera that it was alright to post her on YouTube. Then about 15 minutes later she came back with an angry girlfriend who very sternly told me "She DOES NOT agree to be posted! ALRIGHT? GOT IT?!" (Which is why her head's chopped off the screen.)

THAT, my friends, is precisely the reaction his name should provoke! And I think that at least this particular problem has been solved, by the Fart Smeller.
Amazing Strangers

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