Kaningarra was one of the jila men whose permanent spring became Well 48 on the Canning Stock Route. The ceremony for this site had not been performed since the death of its custodian many years before. In 2008 senior Wangkajunga and Walmajarri people requested assistance to stage a major cultural workshop at Ngumpan to revive the song and dance for this site so that the knowledge would not die with them. At Ngumpan they passed this on to a new generation of Kaningarra people. In this section of the dance, Pampirla Hansen Boxer enacts Kaningarra as he fights off an attack by devil dogs.

Director: Nicole Ma
Camera: Nicole Ma, Clint Dixon
Editor: Brandt Lee
Executive Producer: FORM Canning Stock Route Project
Kaningarra, 2007 by Manmarr Daisy Andrews, Mangkaja Arts. Canning Stock Route Collection, National Museum of Australia
© Nicole Ma and FORM Canning Stock Route Project

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