The Dominican Republic represents a complete microcosm of racial and economic diversity: 70% of its people are of mixed ethnicity and nearly half of the country's wealth is owned by the top 10%. I traveled to the DR with the intention of exploring the concept that wealth and beauty are not interdependent. I photographed the fiscally wealthy and poor in the cities and countryside with all signs of wealth removed. My goal was to create portraits with all material signs of wealth and status removed and thus create a "leveling effect" through the medium of photography while using inherent beauty as a common thread.
The individuals photographed make as little as $200 USD per year to as much as $365,000. Lets look up to these faces who won't be found in GQ, Vogue or Vanity Fair- but from the sunny streets of the Dominican Republic.
Funded by the Center of Documentary Studies at Duke University.
Portraits photographed using a Medium Format Bronica camera and a car wind-shield reflector.

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