Who did this video ?

MAUD REMY, co-director
Maud Remy is an artist and a director, who graduated from Olivier de Serres in 1998. She worked for publishers and museums, then started a more audiovisual career at Riff International Production. She directed credits, pack-shots and short animations for TVs, corporate films and internet teasers. check maudremy.com

GERALD GUERLAIS, co-director
Gérald is a versatile artist and worked in multimedia, publishing, advertising and animation for Vivendi Universal Publishing, Mondadori, Bayard Presse, Prisma Presse, Futurikon, Alphanim and Xilam. He initiated the Sketchtravel project with Dice Tsutsumi, as well as the collective comics Rendez-Vous. He also illustrated Les Trois Microbes, a children book written by Tai-Marc Le Thanh, who designed the published version of the Sketchtravel book. check geraldguerlais.com

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