Harvard Kennedy School

November 18, 2008

Dr. Constantinos Filis is a specialist in Russian and former Soviet space affairs and a strategic planning expert on Greek foreign policy on the broader region of the Black Sea, the Caucasus and Central Asia. He has served as Director for Russian and Eurasian Affairs at Panteion University’s Institute of International Relations (IIR), and since November 2004 has headed the IIR’s Russia and Eurasia Centre, which in September 2008 was renamed the Centre for Russia, Eurasia & South East Europe. He holds a BA in Political Science and History, an MA in Global Governance and a PhD – supervised by the renowned strategist Colin S. Gray – the dissertation for which was entitled: Putin’s Realpolitik: Toward a Foreign Policy of the Possible (March 2000-March 2004).

Prior to completing his PhD, he spent two years as a research assistant to the Deputy Minister’s cabinet at the Greek Foreign Ministry, and while studying in the UK he completed an internship with Greece’s London Embassy Press Office.

Since September 2006 he has been advising Foreign Minister Bakoyannis’ political cabinet on issues concerning Russia and the former Soviet republics, while he has undertaken the coordination of a Foreign Ministry working group on Russia and the Caucasus ahead of Greece’s OSCE chairmanship, which begins in January 2009. For the last three years he has been providing annual seminars for high-ranking Greek military personnel, and he submits studies the Hellenic National Defense General Staff on a regular basis.

In November 2007 he was elected Senior Associate Member (SAM) at St Antony’s College, Oxford University, and as of September 2008 he is an Associate of South East European Studies at Oxford (SEESOX). Dr. Filis is currently an International Advisor for the Research Institute of European and American Studies and is also a member of the academic council of the Institute of Strategic and Development Studies. He teaches Geopolitics in the undergraduate programme, Strategy and Geoeconomics as well as Economic Diplomacy in the graduate programme of Panteion University, Athens, and early in 2009 he is to be elected to the Board of Directors of Panteion’s Institute of International Relations. Among his recent projects was the delivery in October 2008 of a briefing paper for the European Parliament on the EU-Russian economic space.

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