This is a quick timelapse to show the QTown 2.0 script for maya in action. (Original clip time is 17 minutes)

The only manual step is adjusting the generated district geometry to achieve some uneven surface to build the city on. For this a plane is setup as a wrap deformer for the automatically generated geometry to be able to sculpt the landscape. The resulting deformed districts are then used to generated the buildings.

All buildings are procedurally setup and mapped with only a couple of small tileable image maps. All buildings are unique.
The resulting city in this clip is not modified in any way but only rendered with a sun & sky system with a little bit of compositing to refine the look.

QTown 2.0 is a non-commercial mel script for maya.
Find out more about the script here:

The current version 2.0 will be available shortly.

The previous version is also available through brave rabbit and creativeCrash.

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