Family entertainment – cultural program that investigates specific topics, local
folklore, ethnic celebrations, landscapes, animals and insects, recipes,
archeology and tourism.
The storyline is a group of travelers, a musician, which will explore the musical
culture of each area, know the executors and their inspiration,. The director, who
will be the guide and do the narration for the trip and at the same time work as a
photographer, as he works on a photography book, his wife, a therapist who will
explore alternative medicine and the traditions of the places they visit. They will
also be accompanied by their 11 year old son, who will be educated during the
trip, via the Internet and getting involved with the schools in each locality. The
group will cross the Andes from south to north in its entirety in a jeep caravan
supported by mobile Internet connection and several video cameras to record the
cultural diversity from different angles. Each person bringing different views about
traveling, explore places and cultures.
The theme is peace through culture, unity in diversity, so in the role of
researchers, they will always work the value of teamwork.

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