“Live long and prosper” Spock, Star Trek.

We all desire long, healthy lives. How can we achieve this goal? By understanding and following the three pillars of ancestral health.

1) Human evolution and evolutionary biology provide the theoretical perspective to frame the right questions about human design and function. How did our evolutionary past shape the biochemistries and physiologies we bear today? What is the environmental niche in which we thrive?

2) Scientific investigation provides the conceptual, methodological, and technological tools by which to explore and discover the causal systems responsible for health and wellness, on the one hand, and disease and dysfunction, on the other. The scientific method allows us to carefully, painstakingly, and incrementally discern the answers to the clues left by our ancestors, our contemporary outgroups and relatives, and in our own bodies and societies. We slowly but steadily build the human causal map; a map that will allow us to chart a course towards health and wellbeing.

3) Each individual, as a result of the intersection of his or her phylogenetic, epigenetic, and ontogenetic history, is unique (like snowflakes). Thus, personalized health and wellness requires applying pillars 1 and 2 to the n=1 journey to individual discovery. We must continually tinker and observe, optimally with the aid of our life coaches: families, friends, doctors, and health practitioners. Our systems, based on physiology, are nonlinear, and thus there is no final answer. But with careful planning and a respect for the data, the improvements and progress will far outweigh the failures and setbacks. Humility is wisdom. We can learn, and remember, and forget. This third pillar is the loneliest journey, but there is no need to go it alone. Community is not only important; it is fundamental.

The Ancestral Health Society (AHS) was formed to help modern humans achieve this goal to live long and prosper by uniting these three pillars under a scientific and practical framework that can be translated to each individual human living on the planet. While we focus primarily on the human species, Homo sapiens, this approach applies to every species. We are all life. The laws of physics, chemistry, and biology apply everywhere, all the time. Let’s learn them and harness them for our betterment and for the betterment of our families, society, and planet!

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