My annual trip to Birch Cove in Weld Maine fell in the last week of July, 2011. Andrew and Christina talked me into hiking the Loop Trail at Tumbledown, which turned out to be a 6 hour hike, an incredible physical challenge for me with stunning views rewarding us at the top. Amazingly, the first responders were not for us.

This footage falls roughly 2 months after Corrina's first birthday (who steals the show and proved to become cuter upon demand at any time). Other exciting events to look for: the big boat rescue, the original Bass Shoe plant in Wilton Maine, Forster's Toothpick factory and the natural spring on rte 156 (the Weld Rd).

I chose Okkervil River's Lost Coastlines because I really wanted a different and upbeat vibe contrasted to last year's videos. The criteria I find most important when choosing a song to edit to is that it can't be a song I can get sick of (a huge challenge). I am still, somehow, NOT sick of this song.

This is my first project using Final Cut Pro X! As a beginner editor with limited skills I actually loved it. It's ease of use allowed me the patience and time to color correct for the first time and I did find the set-up to be fairly intuitive. My only complaint is that X limits your compression options with Quicktime, requiring you to buy Apple's Compressor (gee, thanks Apple) if you want to compress enough to share it. Soooo, I bought Compressor ($50) and overall, I can't complain. Compressor does come with 5 pre-packaged/auto-settings to choose from if you want to share via vimeo or YouTube. The 1280x720 worked perfectly for the size of my project and I didn't have to worry about screwing up the aspect ratio or getting the jitters from a bad compression setting that I tried to navigate on my own.

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