HTML5 isn't just a buzzword or an alternative to Flash. It's about the future of standards-based web development, and in this talk we'll discuss ways we can take advantage of HTML5, CSS3, and some new APIs to build better experiences for our users, even if our users aren't runing the latest and greatest browsers.

We'll discuss:
* Semantic markup and its impact on design
* Improving forms
* Leveraging local storage
* Mobile applications
* Geolocation
* Accessibility improvements

We'll stay hype-free, and only focus on the things we can use today, while keeping an eye on what's coming next.

Speaker: Brian Hogan is an author, editor, web developer, and trainer from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. He's been developing web sites professionally since 1995 as a freelancer and consultant, building web applications using ASP, PHP, and Ruby on Rails. He enjoys teaching and writing about technology, particularly web design, accessibility, and development.

He's also currently a development editor at the Pragmatic Programmers.

When not hacking on code, he's writing songs, watching "The Simpsons", or spending quality time with his wife and daughters

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