We are in the midst of hard times. Financial stress is just part of it. In some corners of society there are hard-core individuals who have no interest in learning or education.

School board members, administration executives, school officials and others walk a fine line. In many cases they opt for the "politically correct" solution which does not engender the discipline needed in many schools today.

What if parents decide their children would be better off in a non-public school? Children with "learning disabilities" often require a very different educational environment. Some public school administrators don't want to loose the extra federal funds provided to them for "LD kids."

What if parents decide their children would be safer in a non-public school?

There are many reasons why parents may want to enroll their child in a non-public school. They should have the right to choose what they feel is best for their children.

However, non-public schools almost always have a price tag. The question is this: Should they have to pay twice? Once for school taxes and again for school tuition?

This documentary explores that dilemma.

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